Read somewhere: Once you turn 40, you don’t have to set an alarm. Your worries will wake you up. 🤣

Heartbreak for Kiwis. I feel for you. By the narrowest of the margins, England win the cricket World Cup for the first time. 🏏

Wow! A super over in the cricket World Cup after a tied match. What a game! 🏏

And Kiwis have granted my wish. Bloody brilliant catch! England now 4 down and the hundred is not up yet. Stay the course, Kiwis! 🏏

Couple more wickets and we may have a match on our hands. Otherwise England is going to run away with it. C’mon, Kiwis! 🏏

Had to repost the Independence Hall photo since it got accidentally posted to the main microblog instead of the photo blog. I never got to go in coz I underestimated the summer crowds hence no (reservable) tickets available for the entire 4 days I was there.

The roast pork sandwich at Dinic’s in the Reading Terminal Market is the best I’ve had.

Today at Ed Summit: Listening to Jeff Duncan-Andrad’s hard truths about America’s race relations was refreshing. He recounted how his school Roses in Concrete in Oakland was inspired by Maori schools in NZ aimed at preserving the Maori culture and language.

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Dang! England won handily. Dear Kiwis, c’mon! Now it’s up to you to do the rest of the cricketing world a big favor. In return, you get to be World Champions for the first time @yorrike 🏏

Flying to Philadelphia tomorrow for an education conference organized by Angela Duckworth’s Character Lab. I’ve half a day free tomorrow so I plan to visit Independence Hall.

The US women have this game nicely wrapped up ⚽️ And still attacking.

Next week might be all about cricket 🏏 but today it’s soccer ⚽️ with two major finals. First, the Women’s World Cup Final and later in the afternoon, the COPA final.

I just realized that my first micro econ course was taught by Arthur C Brooks and he even wrote me a recommendation letter for grad school. For some reason I had assumed he was a different Arthur Brooks 🤦🏽‍♂️

PS. I didn’t end up a libertarian.

Hey @yorrike, ready for the semi-final? 😊🏏

Will South Africa choke again like they usually do against Australia in the World Cups? We’ll find out in the next 8 overs 🏏

Now that the semi final slots have been decided in the cricket World Cup, I hope anyone but England beats anyone but Australia in the final 😉 🏏

I just switched my newsletter service from Mailchimp to Buttondown. Thanks to many micronauts for the recommendation. Already love its clean uncluttered look. I’ve my next long-overdue edition in draft so send me any tips and tricks that you’ve uncovered before I hit send.

When tanks roll on the National Mall, Americans better shop at Banana Republic.

The Peru - Chile COPA is insane in terms of speed and a much better game than yesterday ⚽️

I missed the US- England WC match but now planting myself on the couch for Brazil-Argentina COPA. ⚽️

Strange. I’m seeing a reply from @johnvoorhees in my notifications but nothing in my mentions. On his profile, it shows up as Posts for this user are still being downloaded. 🤔

I’ve seen plenty of Western media and people write Kahn for Khan. Case in point - this Macstories post that links to the Apple press release that spells it right yet goes on to misspell it multiple times. Well, the second one implies Muslim, the first German.

Too bad Rihanna’s cheering on didn’t guide West Indies to a victory. But at least they seem to put more effort into it than India did against England 🏏

By the current state of affairs, India might lose their first WC match. Well, at least better now than in the semi-finals 🏏

We’re about to introduce Andaz Apna Apna, one of my favorite Bollywood comedies to my son. Slapstick, ridiculous, and full of memorable lines. I must’ve seen it at least 20+ times. Think of it as a Bollywood version of (insert your favorite comedy movie ever).