Pratik Mhatre

Straight from the iPhone XS camera from a moving car (passenger seat, of course)

Now on the iPhone XS. It just feels good to be on the non-Plus size.

Why do all vehicles sound like the UPS truck on iPhone day?

Did you know that if you have an UPS account, you can follow the truck that has your item via GPS on their tracking page? Guess what I’ve been doing since today morning. It’s still not here yet although it has been in my neighborhood since morning 🤬

This lovely girl has been with us for 10 years now (12 years old tho). She’s lived in 5 different homes, two cities, and in countless hearts. She’s survived cancer, weak knees, has given up on walks, and yet musters strength to bully Leo into inhaling his food. We hope we have her around for longer than we think we will. She’s been truly our first child.

O hai there!

Brilliant essay on Does immigration strengthen or undermine tolerance? by an 18-year-old from New Zealand

Choosing the right iPhone

Of course I’ve always wanted the best camera possible in my iPhone, but the size of the Plus has never been right for me. I like to stay nimble, lightweight, and discreet—especially with my cameras. Today, I can confidently choose the iPhone XS knowing it’s smaller and lighter yet wields the same powerful camera as the iPhone XS Max.

Even as a pro photographer, Austin echoes my sentiments when it comes to making a decision about what iPhone I should get. This year, Apples makes it easier for me. I did not enjoy the large sized Plus but the camera shot much superior photos than my wife’s regular-sized phone of the same year model.

We tried out soup dumplings for the first time. There’s a method to eating them. So yummy though.


It took until late 2018 for Safari to get favicons but finally we have them 🙌🏽

Why does iOS on the ⌚️always take 10x time to upgrade compared to the 📱?

I love this little feature on Feedbin. It lets people choose to share partial feeds yet makes the end-user experience just as good.

Pre-ordered the iPhone XS in gold color after always sticking to black and space grey previously.

One more in what I call my series - The #skies of #Texas are upon you.

The Apple Watch is like the iPad in terms of upgrade cycle for me. Definitely not every year or even after two years. Maybe after 3 or even 4 years. The iPhone is a whole different thing.

I accidentally left my Prius door ajar overnight and the battery got drained thanks to the hatch light. It was interesting trying to locate the terminals while trying to jump-start. They’re located on the left & right side under the hood in case you’re wondering.

Daniel Sloss on Netflix 👍🏽👍🏽

The Hokey Pokey ad for the Apple Watch was the best thing from the keynote. So full of joy, energy, and scale.

I’ll be moving up from my iPhone 8 Plus to the iPhone X S. Significant increase in cost per month but I need to downgrade the size. Thankfully the cameras on the S and Max are exactly the same and that’s all I care about. The bokeh adjustment feature is crazy!

‘tis the season for the NHC to be one of the frequently visited sites.

The defunct phone number was a Google Voice number that I deleted in a huff coz of increased spam calls and lack of confidence in their privacy practices.

Excellent customer service from Venmo this early on a Monday morning. I had an account circa 2009 with a phone number that I no longer have access to. I realized yesterday that my bank account was still linked to it and panicked. Thankfully, it was resolved quickly today.

Osaka! What a story. 🎾

It is finally cool enough to go on a 3-mile walk on a Saturday morning as the kid keeps busy with his martial arts class. By cool, I mean low 80s.