Pratik Mhatre

In spite of all these wonderful upgrades to M.B, I’m resisting creating an account on Mastodon (also resisting FOMO). Not really looking to create yet another social media presence.

Big changes professionally. After 6 years in my current department, I’ll be moving jobs within the university. Bigger challenges but exciting work.

Our dog has been chasing squirrels in our backyard for 3 years. Today, a squirrel finally lost 😔

Ha! Jack Dorsey finally admits Twitter follower counts have no meaning. It seems like Micro.Blog’s decision to not show followers or their counts is validated. @manton

I don’t want to admit but…

Guys, guys, you’ll never guess how much I’ve lost in the last six years (via Mint)

I created my first custom shortcut in iOS. It requests destination (business name; often a restaurant) and texts my wife with destination name and arrival time. We sometimes meet up for lunch on workdays.

We finally replaced our standalone freezer that’s purportedly strong enough to withstand Texas summers in the garage.

For a very brief instant in the past when reporters used to seek me out to ask my opinion about blogs, I had similar experiences as the venerable Roger Ebert. Pre-determined narratives in search of sound bites/quotes. I stopped talking to them after a while.

Microsoft has a chat app called Kaizala? In my native language, that literally means, what happened? Wonder if a fellow Marathi-speaker proposed the name.

I didn’t know they taught Star Wars in second grade


The Vote with Me app is awesome. It links your contact list with voter records and makes it easier to text them asking them to vote. It also shows if voted in past elections or not.

It’s been a wonderful fall day and we’ve spent hours in the backyard just staring at the sky.

Wait, I read this story earlier today and let out a yawn. But this tidbit buried deep is interesting. How would that even work? It’s already a second HQ.

Enjoying a great breezy fall day in Austin with a Trippel and Bob Dylan’s Bootleg series. The son is recovering just fine and we’re waiting for the steak in the sous vide to be done.

My son rarely falls sick but he has an uncanny tendency to do so when my wife is out on a business trip and I’ve a ton of things going on. Oh well, such is parenthood. He’s buried deep in the couch watching ‘Captain Underpants’ while I’m replying to emails.

Why does early voting end three days before Election Day? Why can’t it just continue on? Instead on Election Day, we should perhaps call it last day of voting.

Yes, we are…

Data visualizing the Halloween candy haul

Macalope can be darn funny at times:

“Android OEMs are rushing to copy the notch so fast some of them have accidentally made two.” 🤣

It’s 5pm on Halloween and it’s pouring here 😐⛈ 🎃

Chilling Effect

I agree with the concept of blogging daily and most even say, write even if no one is reading you. Actually, I would write more if no one was reading me (I do maintain a private journal too) especially in these “interesting” times when your words can linger and be misinterpreted. Now that I write here under my real name, I’ve to be extra careful of what I write lest it reflect badly on my professional life or even personal. It also doesn’t help that search engine indexes everything we write and at times, bubbles it up without context.

A friend on Twitter was wondering, if the iPad Pro can have Face ID, why can’t the MacBook Air instead of a dedicated Touch ID button?