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Holy shit! How did this happen and more importantly, for such a long time? I’m now closer to deleting my Twitter account than I was this morning.

As soon as I step out of my office building. Nice day, no?

After cold dreary days, it’s finally a glorious day in Austin today. I’m enjoying a leisurely post-lunch walk on a relatively deserted campus. It’s the calm before the storm when students return on Tuesday.

I loved reading this personal tribute for Jack Bogle by Jon Stein, CEO of Betterment.

PS. I was glad to note that I was one of the “few thousand customers” of Betterment in 2013 (I joined in mid-2012)

Why can’t the iOS Reminders sync across devices? Why do I’ve to mark the same reminder as completed on all devices?

O Earth what changes hast thou seen

I’m on a 10-day streak on my 10k daily steps goal. My best is 11 days.

I just Marie Kondo-ed our garage shelves. I had quite the allen key collection. No sparks of joy there.

Day & Night.

We’re finally getting rid (recycling) our iPad 2. We were basically using the Dashboard app just as a glorified screen to see time, next appointment, etc. It was charged with a 30-pin connector; one of the last ones we had lying around.

We finally changed our refrigerator. Our Whirlpool one which was nearly ten years old now gave us consistent problems. We were reduced to defrosting a thick layer of ice in the freezer every 2 weeks. We’ve a nice non-smart Samsung one now.

Texas lunch

I had to turn down saturation to make the sky look believable 😏

But Apple lags behind its rivals in the number of rear cameras. Last year, Samsung released the Galaxy A9 with four rear cameras. Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro and P20 Pro, launched last year, carry three rear cameras [source]

When did this become a thing to compete on? But Apple’s not helping by planning for 3 cameras in 2019, if the rumors are true.

Our older but smaller dog stares down and growls at our larger but younger dog when he’s eating his food. We make them eat in different rooms but she still hassles him. So much so that now he feels something amiss and won’t eat unless she growls. Perhaps we’re the Pavlovs.

I’ve now updated my profile website to my Blot blog. The main ‘professional’ presence is now moved to the sidebar of the blog. I’ll eventually write an ‘About’ page for this blog.

The Ellsworth Kelly installation on UT Austin Campus.

I’m wavering from my resolve to not tinker with my new Blot blog backend. That’s it. No more. But thanks to @amit for patiently answering my oh-so-stupid questions. Now just to focus on writing and interacting.

Not a selfie.

Them: Have you met your goals this week? Me:

I joined Letterboxd last year and painstakingly moved over my movie-watching archives from iMBD and my personal blog (plugin stopped working). I love Letterboxd especially for such year-end recaps

Lou Neff Point

Lou Neff Point . #Austin #ZilkerPark #skyline #LadyBirdLake

I wrote about our son’s tendency to sleepwalk We’re not unduly worried and also manage to find a bit of humor in it.

This is usually how research is presented in the media via PhDComics cc: @ronguest @jwhevans